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About Us

IPI GmbH is a leader in Cellulose Triacetate Film Production. Headquartered in Wolfen, Germany, IPI GmbH produces high quality films that are sold globally to a wide industry spectrum, including the LCD, Optical Lense, and Photographic Film markets, as well as for Technical and Medical Applications. Our lean corporate structure, coupled with our well educated R&D team, gives us flexibility to provide our customers with the individual attention for their customized niche products.


IPI GmbH is the former manufacturing plant of AGFA Wolfen, which was established in 1909 and focused on the production of photographic films. In 1911, the first casting plant for polymer films (nitrocellulose) was built by AGFA. In 1932, the process of making TAC film was patented at the facility.


In 1998, IPI GmbH was established and took over the knowledge and manufacturing site of the former ORWO photographic factory – the successor of the previous AGFA. Since acquiring the ORWO factory, IPI GmbH has diversified its portfolio and ramped up production to become the largest film cast manufacturer in Europe.

Quality Assurance

IPI GmbH has strategic relationships and partnerships with a number of other suppliers and manufacturing facilities throughout the world. We offer our customers the assurance that all IPI GmbH materials are 100% guaranteed and verified by the company. Every product offered is independently tested by IPI GmbH, ensuring that it meets all the requirements set forth by the customer’s specification, enabling the customer to purchase with the utmost confidence and security.


IPI GmbH is committed to a clean air environment and adheres to, and even surpasses, all clean air and water environmental restrictions imposed at our manufacturing facilities.

Our Vision

Our mission at IPI GmBH is to consistently deliver the highest quality products and reliable customer service, whilst keeping our prices at a competitive edge.

This philosophy and continuous commitment to our goals has allowed us to develop a strong and loyal customer following.


IPI GmbH is certified in the following:

DIN EIN ISO 9001:2015

DIN EIN ISO 14001:2015

DIN EIN ISO 50001:2018

Amnon Parizat, 

CEO, Island Group Enterprises

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