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TAC Film for Photographic Film Base

Triacetate (TAC) Photographic Film Base has been produced in Wolfen, Germany for over 50 years. IPI GmBH purchased the Solvent Cast Film Operations of  Filmfabrik Wolfen and is now producing the highest quality Triacetate film base for the photographic industry worldwide.

The film base of IPI GmbH can be produced to meet any specific requirements and specifications of the customer and is produced in many different thicknesses.   It can be coated with gel, wax, and both antistatic and anticurling coatings.  The film base can also be colored in various transparent colors as required by the customer.

Color Film Base

Cellulose triacetate film base (Safety Film) continues to be manufactured at IPI GmbH to support the resurgence for traditional silver-halide camera films.

IPI GmbH color film base supports are the right choice by providing specified base density, base color options, and functional coatings for adhesion, anti-halation, friction control, and static control. Film applications using IPI GmbH color film base include Color Negative 35mm, 120/220, Sheet Films, and color Motion Picture camera film in daylight or tungsten.

B&W Film Base

IPI GmbH base supports are the clear choice for Black and White negative film applications for the Professional, Consumer and Advanced Amateur photographer.

Our support base is formulated to provide optimal base densities affecting the highlights in the final print.

IPI GmbH also provides superior base support for traditional B&W motion picture films in addition to newly announced films aimed at Cinematography Schools and consumer applications.

Film Leader

IPI GmbH manufacturers white film leader for motion picture applications. This matte/gloss film provides the operator in subdued process lighting the ability to distinguish the leader from the start of the light sensitive motion picture film in the roll without any fogging concerns. White Leader from IPI GmbH is available in full master rolls or slit to customer sizes.

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