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TAC Film for Technical Application

IPI GmbH manufactures High Temperature Release Films, which are chemically engineered for use in high quality laminating processes. These films are grainless, translucent, and odorless. They are highly resistant to grease and oil, have a high thermal stability, good folding endurance, and a high dielectric constant. 
IPI GmbH Release Films have a high quality uniform matte surface, which conveys the same uniform matte surface on the cured resin. The high quality of its surface finish provides an excellent release from polyester, epoxy, acrylic, and phenolic resins, as well as various rubber compounds.  They contain no traces of silicone and provide an extremely dry and easy release without plate residue.
Release Films
  • IPI GmbH offers mid (<180°C) and high (<205°C) temperature release films in thicknesses between 30µm and 50µm

  • The film can be colored customized

  • One side matte the other side glossy

Transfer Films (i.e. for rubber industry)
  • Thickness: 30µm – 80µm

  • Customized color possibility

  • Glossy/glossy or matte/glossy

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